The book was better

  Yes, the book was better. Of course the book was better. You can imagine the characters as your minds eye sees. They have no flaws from what the author has put in ink. They haven’t a script to read, or a life out side of the soft paper their story is written upon. You can imagine the raw emotions they poor out just as it was mentioned in the book. Where as the actors have to play off of one another, so the emotions can feel forced or delayed. You can control how much emotions you will pull from the scriptures. Rather than when watching the movie you get what you see. In the books the charters are a part of your imagination. You, and you alone experience a book the way you do. A movie is very limited on the viewers imagination. Every teardrop will fall down in a different path from what the next readers vision saw. Every wound will look more, or less fearsome from reader to reader. The books words, and emotions move in to your mind making the imagination and soul dance as one bring the book a life of its own.   

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